JCN in the Media

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Draycat PhotoThe photographer Draycat featured a slide show of JCN cats in the Fukushima shelter on his website.

anne_kanekoAnne Kaneko devoted a blog post to Japan Cat Network.

Zee and ZoeyDeborah Barnes of Zee and Zoey did a followup interview with a JCN volunteer on the second anniversary of the 3/11 disaster.


Foreign Press Center JapanThe Foreign Press Center Japan published an article in English and Japanese about Japan Cat Network and the continuing efforts in Fukushima.

Tokyo Notice BoardThe weekly English language magazine Tokyo Notice Board published an article by volunteer Josh Lepage about his experience with the Fukushima shelter.

RTÉ Radio produced a documentary segment about JCN rescue operations immediately after the 3/11 disaster and the ongoing rescue efforts. Listen here.

WRAL, a North Carolina news station, interviewed JCN volunteer Alex Lane about her experience with the animals in Japan and about the after-effects of the 3/11 disaster.

Deborah Barnes of Zee and Zoey chronicled the issues plaguing stray, feral, homeless, and “owned” cats in Japan in a multi-part series based on interviews with JCN volunteers. Part 1, Part 2

Special thanks to Jen for helping to coordinate this piece.

The Conscious Cat revisited the plight of cats in Japan and JCN’s work to better the lives of four-legged friends in Fukushima and beyond, one year after the 3/11 disaster.

The Animal Planet show Must Love Cats visited the JCN Inawashiro and Shiga shelters in October 2011 to film the efforts to help stray, homeless, and feral cats in Japan. JCN volunteers were delighted to meet the fantastic crew and host, John Fulton, during their multi-day filming trip. Pictures of the crew at the Shiga shelter can be found here. The episode aired March 10th at 8 PM EST on Animal Planet. Watch a sneak peek!

NPR’s All Things Considered produced a short piece about volunteers in Fukushima and included JCN for a perspective on volunteering with animals. Listen here.

The Belgian news channel VTM’s Telefacts program traveled to Japan for a special on the one-year anniversary. They followed JCN into the radiation-evacuated zone for a look at what life is like for volunteers keeping abandoned cats and dogs alive with food drops and rescues. Watch the episode teaser here.

Special thanks to Dirk for helping to coordinate this piece.

The Big Issue chronicled Japan Cat Network’s efforts in Fukushima in an article published February 15, 2012. Those in Japan can stop by your larger train station to pick up a few copies, read about the efforts of the great staff in Fukushima, and help the homeless while you’re at it!


The Conscious Cat, one of the best blogs on the internet related to feline issues and advocacy, wrote about JCN’s work in Fukushima.


The UK’s ITV filmed Japan Cat Network’s Kansai shelter for the documentary “Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman.”

Cat Fancy Magazine interviewed Susan and David for Foster Focus and talked to them about starting Japan Cat Network rescue and TNR organization. See the full article.

Tokyo’s Metropolis Magazine ran a full-page article about JCN’s rescue and TNR efforts. See the full article.

Being A Broad interviewed Susan for a full-page article. You can see the article here or in the online version.

The Japan Times introduces Japan Cat Network’s expansion to Tokyo.

The Chunichi Shimbun reported on JCN volunteers distributing fliers at Hikone and Minami-Hikone stations about the benefits of spaying and neutering for Spay Day International.


The Hikone Shimbun interviews David and Susan to explain and promote TNR efforts.

The city newsletter Hikone Koho featured Japan Cat Network as a group beautifying the historical city of Hikone through the activity of helping people get feral and friendly cats spayed and neutered.

The groundbreaking Japanese animal welfare organization Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) highlighted our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) activities.

The Mainichi Shimbun reported Yamada Ike Koen in Osaka Prefecture received help from Japan Cat Network. With JCN, area volunteers were able to spay and neuter abandoned cats and to rescue kittens in need of help.

The Hikone Times introduced the Japan Cat Network in the city newsletter and invited the public to raise awareness or volunteer. Within a couple weeks, five people contacted JCN for help neutering local feral cats.

The Japan Times brings JCN to the public’s attention and asks Japan for help.

The Japan Times interviewed David and Susan about creating the Japan Cat Network.