We're helping HEART Tokushima to find a good forever home for Asia, while she's staying in foster care with Sharon. In March 2010, at just 6 months of age, Asia was found frightened and severely injured, wandering the streets of a small town in Tokushima . Upon examination by a local veterinarian, it became apparent that Asia had endured repeated long-standing abuse at the hands of humans. One rear leg appeared to have been bound with string so tightly and for so long that the leg had died and dropped off. The other hind leg was so badly broken that it subsequently had to be amputated. In an escalating pattern of abuse, Asia would be the fourth kitten to be found with similar injuries in the area in early 2010. Another kitten would be found a few weeks later. All five cats appear to be littermates, and police are currently investigating the matter.
Despite the unimaginable torture she endured, Asia is a remarkably friendly cat, greeting everyone around her with a loud purr. She loves people, and is always in search of a lap to cuddle up in! She is healthy and lives life not unlike any other cat. Having lost both of her back legs at the half-way point, she is still able to rabbit-hop around using the remaining halves. Although Asia is not able to jump onto or from high places, she doesn’t let this limitation stop her from getting to where she wants to go. She is able to get herself onto the couch, and has perfect litter box habits. She gets along well with other cats, and requires very little in the way of accommodating her disability. After all she’s endured in her young life, Asia still has an abundance of love awaiting the family who will see her for the very special cat that she is. Her survival has been nothing short of a miracle, but she will need yet another miracle to find her ‘forever’ family. Will you be Asia ’s dream come true?"

Asia is a lovely kitty with very soft fur and a heart of gold! 
JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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