Kuro  Adopted!

Kuro was rescued after having been abaondoned by the side of the road at only several days old. She was rescued with 3 siblings, 1 of which didn't survive. Kuro is actually grey, not black, but she was darker than her siblings, both of which have been rehomed. Kuro likes attention, but sometimes becomes nervous outside the shelter environment, which is all she has ever known. She will need adjustment time in a new location, but loves people and should eventually do very well. Kuro was born sometime in 2005. She was adopted by her foster family in Tokyo in November 2010.
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1/17/11 - Kuro and Benji are getting along well, there is some competition for my lap, but I am used to that with the boys!!  Benji is definately Logans kitty, he plays with him every morning.  Logan has taught Benji to bring back his toy after Logan throws it. The other morning this was the game while Logan sat at the table eating breakfast. Benji would run and slide on the floor chasing after the toy and then take it back to Logan to be thrown again.  I haven't seen Kuro and Benji play together, but they sleep together alot, and Kuro will clean Benji's face.  It's funny, even with kuro being here first and older, Benji has managed to become the dominant one.  I have kept him off the top of the refrigerator and she seems to be pleased with that.  He has been good for her, she now lets everyone pet her and carries herself with more confidence.

12/04/10 - Enclosed are some pictures of Kuro and Benji, they seem to be doing fine together. We haven't witnessed them playing together yet but I think it will come.  Logan loves Benji and I think the feeling is mutual, Benji sleeps on his bed at night. 
      As the pictuers show Kuro loves the Christmas Tree!!

11/6/10 -  Mike and I have been thinking alot about Kuro and have decided to make her ours!  We also have been thinking of getting her a friend, she seems to be wanting a feline companion.  We have noticed she seems to warm up to strangers if they have another animal smell on their clothes. Would love to hear your insights on how you think she would do with another kitty?

9/25/10 - Photos of Kuro.  I spoke to them on the phone yesterday, and they say Kuro is doing great...

8/22/10 - Attached are a couple of pictures of Kuro, who is doing really well. She has been to the vet and even microchipped and registered. We are very happy with her. She lets both boys pet her and play with her. She has gotten nice and fat and we can't imagine being here without her.

5/28/10 - All fine here, Kuro is adjusting, she likes it when she has me all to herself, she doesn't like to share my time or attention.  Seems like she has taken a step backwards a little with not letting anyone but me touch her, even though she will sit on a chair under the table while the boys are sitting up to the table.  She enjoys getting brushed each morning after everyone else leaves. I think I have brushed enough hair out of her to make another cat!  She keeps getting smaller in stature with less hair! Appears to be almost kitten like, loves to play! Sometimes gets so crazy she slides into the wall or chair!  We have had no accidents, uses the litter box very well. The worst she has done was nibble on a begonia plant.  She has learned to watch TV... she was amased when we took a video of her and she saw herself on the screen.... sat up like a meercat and then proceeded to try to get the kitty.  Hopefully she will re-adjust and let everyone enjoy her. I think it is just a matter of time and trust.

5/10/10 - Everything is fine here.  Kuro is eating and doing great with the litter box, no accidents anywhere!  She made up with my husband in one day and loved his attention, she is still scared of the daily movements and tends to hide out until after dinner, then she comes out and wants petted and goes to eat and take care of her business. She then comes back for more loves and even shows an interest in playing!  She started to scratch the furniture once and was corrected and shown where she could scratch and has done very well with using her scratching post now. She is a very smart kitty!! She will sit in front of the Tv and watch it now...but gets startled easily,  I will try to get some pictures of her doing this to send to you.  Thank you very much for your continued concern and interest.