Salem/Lester adopted!
Salem was rescued from a Hikone TNR site, and came to JCN on October 13, at around 6 weeks of age. He came from a group of 9 kittens rescued, and it's unclear which of the kittens are siblings. Salem is the friendliest of this group, and loves to sit on laps or have his belly rubbed. He was adopted in Kobe on January 31, 2010.
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2/8 - Lester is doing just great.  He is still a bit wheezy, but it is getting better. 

He and Mamie, the other cat, are now great friends.  Or, to be more precise, he is Mamie's kid brother.   She grooms him a lot and keeps a watch on where he is and what he is doing.   He was being a bit pestery the other day while I was trying to work, and Mamie just came and tackled him and started grooming him and then chased him away from me.    He was sleeping in his little house, but now I often wake to find him nestled right next to me. 

He continues to eat well (have to feed Mamie wet food separately) and is quite the affection hog.   He likes to interpose himself between Mamie and I. He looks quite wounded if he feels Mamie is getting more affection than he is and he is more persistent than she is.  Lester is quite the hit with my friends as well.

They run and chase each other, but both cats have been fantastic about not breaking anything and not scratching the furniture.   I did not understand when people used to say that my last cat was a bit naughty, but now I see that she most definitely was in comparison to these two. 

I will send you pictures as soon as I figure out how to send them.  It's quite difficult to take pictures of black cats.   Either it was too dark, they were moving too fast or as soon as I got out the camera Lester walked right up to it.